Awakening your Feminine Radiance

to Attract the Man you Long For

Rejoice in Your Inner Beauty and Unique Gifts to Invite in Your Ideal Partner


A 7-week LIVE Online Course with Iris Benrubi, Psychotherapist, International Dating & Relationship Expert, Speaker and Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Class Begins September 21, 2021

Discover an experiential journey to release what’s holding you back, reclaim your authentic self, and radiate an inner glow, confidence and grace.

You long to live an inspired life with the man of your dreams who accepts you as you are and supports you in being your best self.


You know it’s time to release the layers of hurt and protection that no longer serve you, so you can fully be your authentic self with grace and ease… feeling vibrant, alive and radiating your inner beauty and unique gifts, confidently into the world.


But that’s likely NOT how you feel right now as you look out into the world as a single woman and the overwhelming dating scene that confuses and scares you. 


Like so many women today, you might feel resigned, withdrawn...feeling alone and unsure of how to attract the man that you really want. Maybe you’ve picked badly in the past, or got hurt in a relationship that wasn’t healthy. 


Maybe you’ve even come to the point of giving up on ever finding that amazing partner. 


Well, you’re not alone. 


So many women struggle with the belief that they won’t find the man that truly meets them emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc.  And they (question whether he really exists) tell themselves that he doesn’t really exist. 


That makes total sense because it is a strategy that you - and many women - have made up to keep you safe, yet has also kept you from your dreams of the life and relationship you most desire.


Your experiences of the past, reinforced by men you’ve picked for relationships, have deepened and magnified the feelings of not being enough. Those wounds and hurts have taken a toll on you, chipping away at your sense of self and you’ve lost sight of the gifts with which you came into this world to share. 


Addressing and transforming your past experiences allows you to release negative beliefs that are holding you back so you can rediscover and reclaim your radiant and authentic self… unleashing your inner glow, confidence and beauty.

And when you fully awaken to your self-expressed and radiant confidence…truly shining from within... you naturally and effortlessly invite abundance, flow and experiences you deeply desire and your ideal partner. 

This is why I created the Feminine Radiance course so that you’re able to discover this in yourself. 


In this program, among other things,  you will discover how to magnify your authentic self and step into full self-expression so that you can ask for what you need in a relationship and get those needs met. 


My commitment to you is that in this 7-week live transformational course, I will personally guide you to recognize your gifts, peel away the limiting beliefs that block you and transform the ways you knowingly and unknowingly sabotage yourself…

self expression

...Truly radiating your beauty, strengths and gifts that make you uniquely YOU!


These skills will build more confidence, and acceptance (and pride for who you are) of yourself just the way you are and be fiercely proud of who you are, ready to attract the man you long for. 


When you release the obstacles that stop you and then transform into the Confident Woman, you honor and cherish your unique gifts that you bring to the world.


You’re able to relax in your body, trust yourself and access your inner wisdom to guide you on this journey.  You speak your truth with strength and compassion to attract a man who recognizes your value and prizes you. 

By the end of this course, you’ll experience:

  • A deeper appreciation of your inner beauty and the unique gifts you bring to relationship

  • A renewed trust in your inner wisdom to powerfully and compassionately speak your truth

  • Liberating yourself from past experiences that have defined you in a limiting way and limited you

  • Connection to your Powerful and Confident Feminine Power

  • The best version of yourself to go out into the world with confidence 

    You will create a solid foundation from which to radiate the Inner Confidence that attracts and invites Your Ideal Man.  

    Iris Benrubi

    Iris Benrubi

    ‘I was married to the man of my dreams.  A man I had 2 children with, whom I vowed we would be one of those 50% that made it….and we didn’t.  I was getting a DIVORCE.  I began to question… ‘Who am I?’   I’m not a wife.  I’m only a part-time mother… So who’s left?

    At first my answer to that question ‘who am I?’ was … ‘I don’t know’.  


    I felt empty, abandoned, betrayed and confused.  


    After much crying and grieving for the life I lost, I began soul-searching. I started by getting acquainted with who I truly was at the core - not who I had become but rather exploring what i had to offer a partner … and that journey wasn’t easy. I learned the hard way.  After many years of dating men who were emotionally unavailable, I had to admit I needed help. 


    I worked with several dating and relationship coaches and certified professionals.  I made it my mission to transform my blind spots, to build a relationship roadmap for myself.  I began to take back my power.  I learned how to set better boundaries.  How to ask for what I wanted and get it. I learned who to let into my life and who to keep out. 


    I also got crystal clear on what I was looking for in a man….and I found him.  


    The Love of My Life… Wayne who has my back.  He’s there when I need him. He shares my values and my dreams.  He’s the one, in the middle of the night when I roll over, to whom I reach under my pillow and slip my hand into his.   


    Through all this personal exploration and deep learning, I’m finally, now, I’ve spent the last 20 years passionately showing women how to transform from going through the motions of daily living to living life boldly on your terms, attracting a deeply healthy and loving man that supports you!”’

    So glad to have been taken on this journey with you and sharing "sights and in-sights" with all the other ladies in our group. In my case, when I least expected it, that special someone walks alongside my trail-------and stays through the rocks and boulders. I still cannot believe how my outlook in life has changed because I now realize what it means to be LOVED, ADORED AND CHERISHED by a man who is not perfect but perfect for me. ​

    Anne E.

    Thank you for guiding me along this path, Iris, and teaching me the skills to pick a great man who loves and adores me.  I couldn’t have done it without your support.


    “I was sooo anti-online dating but with this program I knew you guys would help. After a 3-year hiatus, I broke free of someone  and then Mike came along. It’s been a magical experience. He’s been the answer to my prayers”, 


    I really wasn’t looking to find a man of my dreams. I wanted to find myself again. I’m feeling more confident. I now have two men I’m dating and I had 2 dates for one night last night.  I’m not overthinking it so I’m asking a lot more questions. So it’s been fun to practice and I do feel more confident and being able to speak up without all the mind chatter I was having.  I’ve shifted my thoughts and beliefs and have more grace, ease and love. 


    In my experience with Iris as a coach, she has made me feel safe and has accepted me the way I am. She helped me polish the greatness in myself. Her knowledge, her support and her care have helped me overcome many obstacles and turn my life around. Most importantly, Iris has taught me and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

    Karensa Staddon

    “Iris is incredibly skillful in her approach. She has supported me in becoming increasingly clear about who I am and what I am capable of.   All of this has led me to a place where I recognize my value and what I have to offer to all of the people in my life and set healthy boundaries.”  

    Ann Augustine

    “When I started the program, I was a very insecure person. I had a lot of issues expressing myself.  I couldn’t even talk to guys.  So when I decided to take the program I was very nervous. It was a hard decision for me to make, but something inside was telling me to just do it and go for it. So, I began the program and, yes, it opened my eyes and I began to realise a lot of things within myself that I need to change and overcome.”


    “So, after doing the program, I have faced a lot of fears that were inside of me and I have been able to work through those fears and get past those fears. 


    Actually, my life has changed a lot, dramatically!


    You changed my life, Iris. I just feel so happy and light. I feel strong inside.  Thank you!

    Melissa G.

    I got the hope, the green light, the initiative, that I didn’t have to stay stuck, you were the helping hand you reached out grabbed and said “Come with me, it’s OK!”  It doesn’t have to be like this, you don’t have to stay here.  You’re allowed.  Iris was my green light.  Iris helped me find the direction and go forward”​

    Shannon S.

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